Here's a screenshot. You can see it in The Last Jedi in the brief underwater shot when Rey falls into the dark side well. It's immediately preceding the famous "mirror Reys" scene; on the Blu-Ray, it's at the 1:13:56 mark.

enter image description here

I was unable to find any reference to what that skull, very much resembling a T-Rex, lying at the bottom of the pool, might be. This isn't something that can get into a shot by accident, it had to be designed and placed, so there must be some background to it.

So, what's the in-universe and out-of-universe story on that skull?

  • A quick look at the Visual Dictionary and the Incredible Cross-sections for ep. VIII shows nothing about this creature, and it is not mentioned on the Wookieepedia page for that film either. – Ziggy May 31 at 5:18

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