Why is Red Hulk's hair that of a young person's when Ross's hair is that of an old person's?

Red Hulk charging at the camera leaving cars flying up in the air in his wake showing that Rulk has black hair Close up of Ross showing his grey hair


The hair changes from grey to black during the transformation. We see this during Hulk Vol. 2 Issue 23, "Who is the Red Hulk?", in the World War Hulks storyline. It is revealed that Red Hulk is indeed Ross and we witness the transformation a few times including a full body shot:

Ross transforms into Red Hulk and we can see his hair going from grey to black as well as losing his facial hair

We also see his transformation in the below image but I'm not entirely sure where it's from.

Headshot view of Ross transforming into Red Hulk

As for why I think it's because Red Hulk, among other Hulk's, are incredibly strong and have a regenerative factor. It shows how strong Red Hulk is in addition to the obscene muscles.

It's also worth noting that everything about Ross changes when he becomes Red Hulk: size, muscles, eye colour, hair colour etc. He also loses hair in several places, most notably his facial hair but I don't spot hair anywhere else on his body to be honest. It just signifies the difference between the two sides of the same character.

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