In the two-episode Voyager arc The Killing Game, B'Elanna Torres plays the role of Brigette, a French Resistance fighter who was impregnated by a holographic Nazi officer. Once the crew regains their identities in The Killing Game, Part II, B'Elanna is still evidently pregnant and even comments that she feels heavier and that the "baby" is kicking. I don't believe she is seen in this episode after leaving the holodeck.

What was going on here? Was the holodeck projecting a simulated baby into B'Elanna's womb? What happens when it... stops projecting?

  • I have not found an official statement, but most of the commentary on the episode is suggesting that the pregnancy was a holographic "prosthetic" much like the "baby bump" vests they have expectant fathers wear rather than anything internal.
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    Commented Jun 2, 2020 at 15:33
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    If someone had never seen Voyager and wondered what it was like, I feel like the title of this question conveys a fairly accurate summary. Commented May 21, 2021 at 10:30

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There's no need to simulate a fetus to simulate a pregnancy.

There's no specific evidence forthcoming in the episode itself, but there's also no reason to believe there was a "simulated baby", that there was anything "in her womb". It is within the capabilities of Star Trek's technology to create a simulated pregnancy. While many holodeck excursions involve pre-replicated clothing put on before entering the holodeck, holodecks can simulate clothes (as seen in Star Trek: First Contact's "Perhaps something in satin?" bit). Doing so accurately would require modeling of weight and texture, so modelling the weight and shape of a holographic pregnancy bump and the included kicking is not much of a stretch.

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