Years ago I read a fantasy trilogy, which I’ve since loaned to someone and never got back.

It was about a man who was developing a VR game which was entered via a sensory deprivation tank. Something happened and he got stuck in the game, where if you died you would also die in real life. It was a fantasy medieval kind of a game, where he was playing a bard.

In real life he had a wife and they were really good fencers. They’ve crashed a plane in France and he ended up having trouble with his leg and she ended up only as organs held together in a plastic case. At the end he sort of became his wife in game and had a child and I think she was evil(?)

  • Can't you ask the person the you loaned it to?
    – Valorum
    Jun 6, 2020 at 11:11
  • Unfortunately not, we had a bit of a falling out. Jun 6, 2020 at 11:15

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I found it!

It's called In the Net of Dreams by Wm. Mark Simmons.

Dreamland. A complex world of computer-generated dream games. Dreamwalkers can exchange their bodies for avatars - dream bodies that they can choose for themselves - and adventure in dozens of different virtual realities. There is no real pain, no real danger...until the program develops a deadly glitch!

Now the Fantasyworld program has locked-up and hundreds of gamers and dreamwalkers are trapped in a virtual environment populated with elves and dragons and all sorts of medieval and magical menace. Instead of waking up when their avatars are killed, dreamwalkers are experiencing terminal feedback and are actually dying inside their life-support modules!

Cephtronics must now convince the man who wrote the books the Programworld is based on--the man they fired and sued five years earlier--to risk his own life and sanity. Robert R Ripley must find a back door to his stolen virtual world, sneak inside, find the source of the anomaly, and unlock the matrix before everyone in-system dies in two worlds.

Cover of "In the Net of Dreams", showing a white horse with purple wings. It has the text "Come play the game: magic is the way, heroes are the means, and reality is but a dream. Or is it?"

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