I've been watching a lot of Star Trek: Voyager recently and it's reminded me of a question I had when I watched it the first time around.

Headshot of a Kazon looking disgusted; it showcases their "hair" - a bushy, feathery type thing

All Kazon have a kind of feathery thing instead of hair. What exactly is this? Are they feathers? Is it some kind of keratin growth like hair or nails? Is it soft to the touch or hard?

In other words - what exactly is that on their heads!?

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    Memory Alpha refers to it as hair a few times. – TheLethalCarrot Jun 10 at 10:45
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    I have always thought that that was a kind of dried mud/clay, which also explained their clay-like skin colour. This will also explain why the Borg didn't want to assimilate them. :) – Edmund Dantes Jun 10 at 10:46
  • I always thought they looked like some kind of milkweed-like pods that they kept in their hair for easy access to water/sustenance. – Vanguard3000 Jun 10 at 14:12

According to Memory Alpha's entry on the Kazon under physiology it is hair, albeit chunks of hair rather than individual strands:

The foreheads of all Kazon featured distinctive ridges and their black or brown hair grew in large chunks rather than individual strands.

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