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The visible dish itself is a bit unique to the Federation. (emphasis added)

Is that true? Do any non-Federation ships have deflector dishes?


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The Cardassian Galor class ships have a navigational deflector - a blue or red square under the forward parts of the ship:

Cardassian Galor class with blue deflector

Lighting was set up in several circuits: impulse engines, collectors, windows, navigational deflector, navigational beacons. Windows and the navigational deflector were lit with custom neon tubes; other lights were incandescent bulbs.

Designing The First Cardassian Warship

Cardassian Galor class with red deflector

The color of the deflector array at the very front of the ship was originally yellow or orange in TNG: "The Wounded" and "Ensign Ro". The color was later consistently switched to red, also on the CGI versions for later seasons of DS9. Strangely the publicity shots of the Galor on the box of the Ertl model kit or in Star Trek Mechanics show a blue deflector like it was never on screen.

Ex Astris Scientia - Cardassian Ship Classes

Galor class starship schematic

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