The mc is reincarnated in another world and goes on an adventure and forms a harem. In the middle chapter he defeats an ant colony and takes in the ant Princess who was new born in his harem. He also starts a maid cafe and finds another reincarnated girl who was a man in his previous life .

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Butsuri-San De Musou Shitetara Motemote Ni Narimashita perhaps? Chapter 6 has him defeating the ant queen. Chapter 10 has him opening a Maid Cafe.

His harem consists of demi-human girls?! I, who was forced to withdraw from my world, to learn magic with an alchemist. While learning, I come upon a moment that only with my eyes could make any girl fall in love.

Front cover of Butsuri-san de Musou shitetara Motemote ni Narimashita

I found it by searching for isekai manga ant colony, which led me to this Reddit post where the work was given as an answer.

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