I remember the book (series) starting off with the slaying of an ice dragon, which is the second to last dragon left. The actual last dragon is friends with a wizard, who turns the dragon into a scrawny teenage boy to protect him since he was going to recklessly attack the dragon slayer squad.

They come across a massacre of some sort in the forest, meet a female elf. The dragon eventually falls in love with the elf.

The dragon and wizard travel to a village. There, the dragon works as a blacksmith I think. I believe the slayer squad come into the village and a fight goes on, but the village is saved due to the efforts of the dragon, wizard, and elf.


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A Dragon's Awakening (2011) by Aya Knight, first book of the Chronicles of Kale series.

From Goodreads:

Kale Firehart is a young dragon, and the sole survivor of his race. As a tyrannical general and his massive bloodthirsty army close in on Kale—the most unexpected circumstance transpires. With time against him, Kale's trusted friend, a veteran arcane sorcerer, transforms him into the one thing he despises most—a human.

Kale must unwillingly live among human-kind as he embarks upon an extraordinary journey. With a band of unlikely friends by his side, can Kale overcome the obstacles before him and return to the life he once knew?

The age of dragons is all but over...

Various reviews mention an outcast female elf named Neelan.

Found with the Google query fantasy book "last dragon" "turned * human" love elf site:goodreads.com/book.

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