Are Xenomorphs immune to diseases and viruses, at all stages of development, from the egg stage onwards?

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    "Acid for blood" doesn't seem conducive to viral or bacterial infection
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  • "As chitin is a component of the cell walls of fungi and exoskeletal elements of some animals (including mollusks and arthropods), chitinases are generally found in organisms that either need to reshape their own chitin[2] or dissolve and digest the chitin of fungi or animals."
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No, they are not immune. Probably...

In the comic series "Aliens: Labyrinth", dr. Paul Church describes his experience when he was kidnapped by Xenomorphs. Instead of immediately cocooning him and turning into a host for a facehugger, Aliens were experimenting on him and his family i.e. they were trying to... make more humans (in a more squicky way that you can imagine).

Paul soon discovers that the Hive is dying from a disease - it has been infected by a sort of a mold and Xenomorphs are barely able to contain the spread:

enter image description here

He starts sabotaging Aliens efforts ultimately destroying the hive

enter image description here

enter image description here

However, dr Paul Church is a sociopath, so it is possible that this is all a lie.


Surely this falls under the "no one knows" banner? Untill such time as a plot for a movie or any other medium in the canon attempts to use a virus to combat the xenomorphs we will never really know

I would lean on the side of yes the extremely acidic blood of the creatures would lend them to being immune from all but the most specialized virus and or disease.

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