I read it in junior high and I'm certain it was written for an 11-15 audience. I remember the cover being pinkish/violet and may have had characters on it. If so, the characters don't take up much real estate. The cover looked like a drawing or painting, not photography.

I remember it being about a young girl who travels through space, or at least on an alien planet. She is accompanied by her younger sibling, I believe. I also remember there being sequels, which I never picked up.

The only vivid memory I have of the story is the girl trying trying to navigate a busy alien market. The aliens are described really well. There are other humans here and an older human man even helps her. I know this isn't super helpful but that's really all I remember.

I think the younger sibling might be her little sister. I have no idea how they ended up at the market or what they're doing, but yeah. I've tried Google and Goodreads and looked at a dozen lists. I can't find it anywhere.

There is also a problem of her not being able to understand what the aliens are saying because obviously they're not speaking English and she needs a portable translator or something like that.


I found it: High Wizardry (1990) by Diane Duane, book 3 of the Young Wizards series.

Goodreads came through with its lists. I was right about the little sister and this is part of a series. The sisters get chased across the galaxy, so there are aliens. It also involves magic, which I did not remember. What a wild ride.

book cover, red-haired young girl sitting and holding a book

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