The movie was released probably in the latter half of the 2000-2010 period. There is a time capsule that is shown to have been buried earlier and is then unearthed (although I'm not sure of the unearthing part). There is an adolescent girl who encounters a huge set of numbers that mean gibberish to everyone except her and she starts screaming that people are going to die.

NOTE: I don't have a detailed recollection of that movie.


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This is the 2009 film Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage.

The time capsule was buried in 1959, and contains students' drawings of what the future will look like in fifty years' time. One student, a girl named Lucinda, fills her page with a seemingly nonsensical string of random numbers. When the capsule is opened in 2009, Lucinda's sheet is given to a current pupil at the school, whose father (played by Cage) realises it encodes the dates, locations, and death tolls of every major tragedy within the past fifty years - and some that have not yet occurred.

(Note: I started typing this answer before Martin posted his, and I'm posting it anyway as it's more complete.)

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I think it's "Knowing" (2009) directed by Alex Proyas and starring Nicholas Cage.

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