For example, can a Vaporeon evolve into a Glaceon due to water becoming ice, or can a Jolteon evolve into a Espeon because I guess electricity turns into lasers or something. Or maybe a Flareon could evolve into a Vaporeon if fire got hot enough to become a laser, or a Flareon could turn into a Umbreon if it lost its fire or whatever?

Can an Eevee evolve after already evolving?

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One other place where a similar effect is possible is in the TCG. By using cards such as Devolution Spray

enter image description here

or certain Pokémon such as the Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon from Rising Rivals

enter image description here

you can devolve an already evolved Pokémon back into an Eevee, then evolve it into a different form of Eevee instead.


I don't know how canonical this is, but to my knowledge, there is one instance of an Eevee going through multiple evolutions. In the Pokemon Adventures manga, the character Red has an Eevee that has the capability of freely transforming into Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon, but this ability is due to Team Rocket experimentation1, and really it's still just an Eevee with some enhanced abilities. The transformation is incredibly painful as well.

It subsequently evolves permanently into an Espeon.

1 This is part of their experiment to control Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, who they then fuse into a mega-bird, so take this as you will.


No, I do not believe this has happened, either in the anime or in the games. Evolution is more than just an aura that surrounds a standard Eevee. Their whole physical form has changed, and a Flareon whose fire had gone out would be no more a Vaporeon than a Charizard whose fire had gone out (as happens in the anime) would be a Blastoise. It is worth noting that there are moves that can change types, like Soak, which changes the target's type to Water. However, this move does not change a Flareon or other Eevee evolution into a Vaporeon.

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