What happens when body-part-specific curses hit another part rather than the intended body part?

For example, if the Conjunctivitis Curse (meant for irritating the eyes) hit you in the hand, knee, chest, shoulder, etc.?

  • I suppose your hands would get irritated as well – TheMadHatter Jul 21 at 4:49
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    I suspect this would vary depending on the spell: is it a spell which causes eyes that it hits to be irritated, or is it a spell which irritates the eyes of the person it hits? Certainly, I doubt "Langlock" needs to specifically hit the target's tongue – Chronocidal Jul 21 at 11:45
  • I imagine it propagates through the body to where it causes the effect. I mean it's the same as airborne viruses in the real world, you might catch it through the face, but it eventually gets to your bloodstream. – Möoz 2 days ago
  • I don't see anything opinion-based in this question. – Alex yesterday

I believe that if a body-part-specific curse or jinx were to hit another body part than the intended one, the jinx would still take effect on the intended part. As mentioned in a comment on the question, the jinx "langlock" would be almost impossible to cast if the jinx had to hit a person's tongue to work. Similarly, the "Melofors" jinx appears to turn the victim's head into a pumpkin (when in reality, it simply encases the head). This jinx would still work even if it hit a different part of the body. "Obscuro" also does not have to be cast specifically at the eyes of a person to blindfold them. If a spell is designed/engineered to target a specific part of the body, it will not affect any other parts, regardless of where it is cast/hits.

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