I've read a book about a guy in a post-apocalyptic world who had a chicken that later on showed herself to be some kind of an alien. Pretty weird stuff but it makes sense in the book.

I remember the cover, of course there was a chicken/hen on it but not the title. It was a very interesting sci fi novel, only read it once probably more then 10 years ago. It would be great to find it again. I believe it was written by a British or American author.


Future Eden: A Brief History of Next Time by Colin Thompson.

cover of Future Eden showing Ethel the alien telepathic chicken

In a hilarious and scathing sci-fi adventure, it is the year 2287 and the human race is doomed until Jay and an all-powerful chicken named Ethel set off to save the world. They encounter goldfish-oracles, evil roosters, giant potatoes, blind piano tuners, Merlin, and magic spells in their heroic quest.

Found with a search for novel alien chicken telepath

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    Many thanks mate! This is the book I was looking for...I need to read it again since it became a bit relevant, lol. – Aetila Aug 5 '20 at 9:34

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