This was an animated show with teenage characters from the early 2010s.

It was more on the childish side I guess, and I specifically remember it having to do with magic dice that when you rolled it like a magic affect would happen.

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This is Di-Gata Defenders.

Under Rados' sun, man's skin colour soon changed. Man was then able to mine the enchanted rocks found in the mountains, but were only able to recover energy from eight of the eleven sigils. Many rocks were mined by man, then carved into dice-like Di-Gata stones, and these were then carved with the sigil their power contained. From this point onward, anyone who used these stones were called stone casters or stone-slingers. It was believed that the first people who used these stones of power were called the Chi'Brek Tribe. This tribe was also the first tribe to document the arrival of the human race onto the planet.

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