I read a short story about 45 years ago so I think it must have been published in the 70s I can't remember the name or author. The story was in a book of short stories possibility 50 or so.

It’s a short story about a guy travelling faster than light, his first words are "don’t move". He soon figures out time for him is moving very slowly, he watches his mission clock move very slowly. He goes through several emotional states figuring things out, time eventually speeds up again and he reaches his destination.

His is the third mission I think the other 2 disappeared. At his destination he meets with some alien's and they talk in a weird form of English.


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Common Time” by James Blish, almost certainly.

Here’s how it opens.

Don’t move.

It was the first thought that came into Garrard’s mind when he awoke, and perhaps it saved his life. He lay where he was, strapped against the padding, listening to the round hum of the engines. That in itself was wrong; he should be unable to hear the overdrive at all.

The aliens are called the clinesterton beademung, which may ring a bell.

If this is the correct answer, the question is a duplicate.

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    Thats the one.... thank you
    – Chris
    Aug 17, 2020 at 20:48

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