I am looking for this book that I read a long time ago (early 2000s). This kid loves playing this certain computer game and is exceptionally good at it. In the game, there was a riddle that went something like "How much dirt is in a hole that has a radius of 33.2 meters and a height of 78.2 meters?" The kid's answer, which was correct: "None. A hole doesn't have anything in it". This particular book had a blue cover.

He beats the game and gets recruited by a guy and joins a think tank. The guy who recruits these kids is actually evil. Every morning, these kids take a "vitamin pill" which actually controls them. This girl tells the protagonist to not take the pill. He slowly realizes that the guy is actually evil.

There was a scene where the protagonist is told to eat the eggs first as it gets cold easier. In the end, all the kids were saved.


This could potentially be the second book in Gillian Cross's Demon Headmaster series, The Prime Minister's Brain. A new computer game, Octopus Dare, is the latest craze at school, but only Dinah is good enough to beat it. After beating it she receives a letter inviting her to London to take part in a national competition, the Junior Computer Brain of the Year. Once there, it turns out the Demon Headmaster was behind the computer game, which hypnotises its players. He was using it to select intelligent children he could bring together (the Brains) and hypnotise into helping him crack the security that would give him access to the Prime Minister, so that he could then hypnotise him and take over the country. Dinah's friends in SPLAT follow her to London, and together they manage to thwart the headmaster's plans again and free the Brains.

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  • That is not the book unfortunately. It's not a series. It was just that one book. Thank you though! – Adam Loh Aug 22 at 1:28

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