I saw this image on the interwebs, with the caption that there are 40 movies referenced in it. Unfortunately I am so old and incompetent, I was only able to identify Casper the Ghost. Please identify the prop/character and the movie it references.

Color version of an image featuring 40 references to various horror movies

Here is a number / letter map. Clearly some are referenced more than once, because 37 and e both appear to be the same octopus wearing boxing gloves.

black-and-white version of the same image, with numer labels

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  1. & A - The villagers coming to attack Frankenstein's castle at the end of the 1931 film The villagers are from Frankenstein, the castle itself is Dracula's (according the original artist).
  2. The burning Wicker Man
  3. IT's balloon.
  4. The Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  5. The biohazard symbol from 28 Days Later
  6. Thing from The Addams Family
  7. Chucky from the Child's Play series
  8. The death's head moth, as depicted in The Silence of the Lambs
  9. The house from The Amityville Horror
  10. The little hanging stick figures from The Blair Witch Project
  11. The Bates Motel is the setting of Psycho and the TV prequel Bates Motel
  12. Father Karras, the titular Exorcist
  13. Christine
  14. Sadako from The Ring
  15. Likely just a generic tombstone and not a reference to anything
  16. A Xenomorph egg from Alien
  17. According to the artist, the pumpkin is a reference to the Halloween series
  18. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  19. Bandages, those of The Mummy
  20. Ghostface from Scream (on Mullen Lowe Group's Octopus)
  21. The Proton Pack used by the Ghostbusters
  22. The Grudge
  23. Annabelle from The Conjuring series
  24. The Slaughtered Lamb pub from An American Werewolf in London
  25. Wolf Creek
  26. The puzzle box from Hellraiser
  27. Mushnik's is the titular shop of Little Shop of Horrors
  28. A participant in The Purge
  29. Poltergeist
  30. a red door handle from The Sixth Sense
  31. The Gremlins emerging from their box
  32. Shaun of the Dead
  33. The tricycle ridden by Danny Torrance in The Shining
  34. Beetlejuice's suit
  35. Freddy Kreuger's outfit from the Nightmare on Elm Street films
  36. Green Frog Comics from The Lost Boys
  37. Octopus is the Mullen Lowe Group's logo the creator of the image
  38. The Billy puppet from Saw
  39. Jason Voorhees' hockey mask from the Friday the 13th films

References to the original artists intent come from his own list featured on this Facebook comment which is also posted in the other answer here.

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The artist has listed the answers here on Facebook:

It's time for us to put you all out of your misery... Are you ready? Here are the answers:

  1. The Pumpkin: Halloween
  2. Striped suit - Beetle Juice
  3. Lips - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  4. Red balloon - IT
  5. Butterfly on lamp post - Silence of the Lambs
  6. Tricycle - The Shining
  7. Hockey mask - Friday the 13th
  8. Paws in box - Gremlins
  9. Pack against lamp post - Ghostbusters
  10. Silhouette under lamp post - The Exorcist
  11. Hand - The Addams Family
  12. Castle - Dracula
  13. Unraveled bandages - The Mummy
  14. Mushnik's shop - Little Shop of Horrors
  15. Biohazard sign on chimney - 28 Days Later
  16. Headless man - Sleepy Hollow
  17. Burning Statue - Wicker Man
  18. Green frog comics - The Lost Boys
  19. Stick symbol on tree - Blair Witch Project
  20. Striped jumper in window -The Nightmare on Elm Street
  21. Slaughtered lamb sign - An American Werewolf in London
  22. Well - The Ring
  23. Mask with red cheeks - Saw
  24. Red door knob - The Sixth Sense
  25. Bates Motel - Psycho
  26. Mask on our octopus - Scream
  27. Yellow road sign - Wolf Creek
  28. Little doll in window - Chucky
  29. Egg shaped object - Alien
  30. Hand coming out of ground - Evil Dead
  31. Cricket bat and shovel - Shaun of the Dead
  32. Car - Christine
  33. Mist - The Fog
  34. Masked man - The Purge
  35. Spider on tree - Arachnophobia
  36. Angry mob on hill - Frankenstein
  37. Girl with hands on TV - Poltergeist
  38. House in background - The Amityville Horror
  39. Box in window - Hellraiser
  40. Doll on rocking chair - The Conjuring
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#6 is a hand from the movie called "The Hand" from 1981 where a hand that was cut off goes around and chokes people. Neither "Thing" or "The Addams Family are horror films. Course there is a Horror film called "The Thing" but it has nothing to do with "Thing"

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  • There are also lone disembodied hands committing acts of violence in And then the screaming starts and Vault of horror. Oct 23, 2021 at 20:08

There are 40 film references in this picture.

The mist, headstone and cross are generic horror items not in reference to any films, and the boxing octopus is the logo of the company who created the image.

A Nightmare on Elm Street


An American Werewolf in London




Little Shop of Horrors

Child's Play




Friday the 13th










Shaun of the Dead

Sleepy Hollow

The Silence of the Lambs

The Addams Family

The Amityville Horror

The Blair Witch Project

The Conjuring

The Evil Dead

The Exorcist

The Lost Boys

The Mummy

The Purge

The Ring

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Shining

The Sixth Sense

The Wickerman

28 Days Later

Wolf Creek

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