3 groups of telepaths each with different powers. They received their powers from a meteorite. One group is the strongest and are kind of in control. Another group wants to gain control. One group, I believe the strongest, have telepathic battles to determine the strength of one another conjuring up swords, walls, etc. in their minds. It was written by a lawyer. Could have been written in the ‘80s, or earlier.

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    Reminds me of Chronicle, though that's a film from 2012 and not based on any existing script. – F1Krazy Aug 25 at 22:51
  • It is similar, but yes, this was a book and not very well known. My mother picked it up for me in a library book sale knowing I love sci-fi. It was a great story and I kept the book until I lost it in a move. I’d love to remember the name! Thanks for the comment!! – Doug Aug 27 at 3:21

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