The anthology contains short stories including, "The Enchanted Village" by A E Van Vogt, "All Summer in a Day", by Ray Bradbury, "And He Built a Crooked House", by Heinlein (?), and other great stories, including a story about a political (?) prisoner who escapes and has a chip in his head, and is helped by a doctor while hitch-hiking. The book has a red and blue cover (mostly red, I think). I read it as a kid in the 70's and would love to find it again to reread.

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I think you are looking for the anthology Science Fiction, published in 1973 and edited by Sylvia Brodkin and Elizabeth Pearson. According to isfdb, it has a mostly-red cover with some blue, and contains the van Vogt and Heinlein stories you mention. However, it does not contain that Bradbury; the one it does have is "A Sound Of Thunder".

Cover of Science Fiction

  • That's it! Thank you, you are a gem. I'd been googling info and searching for the name for months. Now all I have to do is find a copy somewhere. Thanks again, much appreciated.
    – Kaya
    Aug 30, 2020 at 16:46

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