I am looking for an old fic that I found on Fanfiction.net year ago. I have tried to find it every few years with no luck.

It is a fic where Snape thinks Harry is nothing but a spoiled brat who must have grown up rich and pampered because he was the Boy Who Lived, even if he grew up with Muggles. This is until he finds out about the Dursleys; abuse.

He then does what he can to save Harry. It is a Manipulative Dumbledore and Dumbledore bashing fic. Snape proves to the Order that Dumbledore knew about the abuse and did nothing.

I also remember that it was Drarry (Harry and Draco romantic pairing), I don't remember to what extent but I am pretty sure it was because Draco also thought that Harry was rich and spoiled and was hurt that he did not want to be Draco's friend.

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Whelp by Jharad17 (also has a sequel)


Harry's First Detention by kbinnz (sequel is Harry's New Home)

Not a Freak by lastcrazyhorn

Pretty sure one of those has Drarry near the end.

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