Read this short story maybe twenty-plus years ago, the story itself may be older. A man wanders into a cave, maybe in Mexico, and when he emerges he's in a parallel world. He's not staying at the hotel where he was and the woman he was married to in his home reality is now merely an ex-girlfriend. Don't think he was able to return home and had to make a life for himself in the new reality.

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    What story format (short story/part of a collection? Novel in its own right?)? What language? Original language or translated? – O. R. Mapper Sep 2 at 5:24
  • For sure a short story. Maybe from an anthology. If it were part of a single author collection, I'd probably remember it better because of associated stories. Heck, maybe even from "the pulps", in which case we may never know the answer. But English for sure. – Emsley Wyatt Sep 2 at 13:31

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