I read an Ebook once, and I can remember most everything except for the title, which is annoying because I'd like to read it again. Here's most everything I can remember, may not be in chronological order.

  • humans have been chased by some alien to one last little pocket in the galaxy
  • I think the main navy consists of 1 huge ship, 2 smaller ships that can dock in it and a bunch of Nova starfighters. I'm not sure if there was another huge ship, I can't remember.
  • the main character is poor and owes someone a lot of money
  • lives with his gf or something
  • skip ahead a bit, he meets the guy he owes money to in a space station garden
  • guys offers him job in exchange for removing the debt
  • I think he gets locked out of his ship by his gf around here
  • main character takes job, and drinks some something laced with a plague
  • later we see that the plague was created by main chracter's gf's dad, who was being paid a lot by the guy main character owed money to and his wife was hostage
  • takes the place of a Nova pilot that was killed recently
  • he goes to the huge ship in said main navy to try and find a way to slowly doom the ship
  • ends up killing almost the entire crew, except for Nova pilots and a few others
  • somewhere along the way realizes the captain is his son
  • has to fight a ton of other star fighters of the guy he owed money to
  • realizes his ex-gf was mind wiped and thinks her name is Star(name might be off)
  • father-son reunion and then I think the story ends about there

Other than that, I remember I read the Ebook on a nook device from B&N, there were some typos in the book, and that's about it. Any idea what this book is called and where I can read it?

  • When did you read this?
    – DavidW
    Sep 24, 2020 at 19:40
  • @DavidW, a few years ago, probably 10-6 years ago Sep 24, 2020 at 19:41

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The book you are looking for is the first book in a series called dark space by Jasper t Scott Dark Space

Just finished reading it about a month ago, too good a match for it to be anything else

  • it has humanity hiding in a hidden part of space after stealthed aliens wipe out most of humanity,

  • single large carrier left of imperial fleet with 2 cruiser sized ships docked in it plus fighter contingent

  • Main character Ethan Ortane is a poor smuggler in debt to a gangster

  • Lives on the ship with girl who wants to be his girlfriend but he still loves his wife who was lost in the alien invasion

  • Gangster infects him with plague created by girl's dad and sends him to wipe out crew of carrier

  • re-unites with his presumed dead son who was on the carrier in disguise

  • Girl gets a brain implant that wipes her memory and turns her into a prostitute

There are 6 books in the series in total, Amazon had the series on sale for a few dollars which is why I bought it, not the best writing but had some nice ideas hidden within a fairly terrible execution.

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