In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we know that very few teachers remain at Hogwarts from Harry's days there. Who are the new Hogwarts teachers? I do not own a copy of the book, so I can't look directly. I know that Neville Longbottom now teaches Herbology. Who are the rest of the new teachers/staff?

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    not many outside headmistress Minerva McGonagall. Other only mentionned like Smoky-eyed Potions professor,... Oct 8 '20 at 7:07

Prime timeline - The teachers we know about are

  • McGonagall- Headmistress.
  • Neville- Herbology.
  • Madam Hooch- Flying.
  • Hagrid- Groundskeeper, Care of Magical Creatures (he isn't mentioned as a teacher in Cursed Child but in "19 years later" he is.)

In the second timeline

  • Hermione is added as DADA.

In the third timeline we only know about

  • Snape - Potions
  • Umbridge- Headmistress.

All timelines - teachers that probably stayed

  • Professor Binns
  • Flitwick.
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  1. History of magic-Professor Binn
  2. Muggle Studies-Professor Charity Burbage
  3. Charms-Professor Flitwick
  4. Flying-Professor Hooch
  5. Potions-Professor Horce Slughorn
  6. Care of Magical Creatures-Professor Hadrig
  7. Herbology-Professor Hannah Abbot [Neville's wife]
  8. Divination-Professor Trelawney
  9. Defence Dark Art Magic-Professor Amycus Carrow

Read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child u will get it

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