I have seen sources that say things like how many droids does the landing craft carry, but does that include the droids in the Multi Troop Carriers? Because there are 11 Multi Troop Carriers and a lot of Platoon Attack craft, so with the number of droids inside of the Landing craft combined with how many droids are in the crafts that are also in the landing craft, how many droids really are in the landing craft in total?

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TL;DR - between 1232 to 1688 battle droids

Thanks to Wookieepedia, and a bit of math, we can calculate how many droids a C-9979 landing craft, from the Trade Federation, could carry. For the purposes of this answer, I will be talking about classic B1 battle droids.

Wookieepedia quotes that a Landing craft can carry 11 Multi-Troop Transports (the same number in legends and canon.) Each Multi-Troop Transport can carry 112 B1 battle droids. Now with a little arithmetic (11 * 112), we can find that a Trade Federation Landing craft can carry 1232 B1 Battle droids if only carrying Multi-troop transports (excluding the 88 crew on the LC and the 2 crew on each MTT).

If you prefer to have quality over quantity, you could opt for 12 B2 battle droids or 20 droidekas instead, which would give you either 132 B2 battle droids or 220 droidekas per Landing ship (11 * 12 = 132 and 11 * 20 = 220.)

But wait, there's more!

If you take into account that each landing craft also carried 114 Armored Assault Tanks, and each of the tanks has a crew of 4 B1 battle droids (as I've never seen a B2s crew a AAT), you get an additional 456 droids. And if you included the crew for the landing craft and each MMT you would have to add on 110 (2 crew per MTT, 2 * 11 = 22, and 88 crew from the LC - 88 + 22 = 110.) Overall, if your landing craft was only carrying B1 battle droids, you would therefore have 1798 droids on board (456 + 1232 + 110 = 1798.)

Unfortunately, I can't find any hard numbers for how many troop carriers (also known as Platoon Attack craft) a landing craft could carry, but if we assume the same number as MMTs, then we come out with the same number of battle-ready droids.

Fun fact

If you take into account that at the Invasion of Naboo there was only one Lucrehulk-class battleship, and one of these battleships can contain 50 landing craft, we can calculate that the Trade federation deployed, at the maximum, 61600 B1 battle droids to the battle (1232 * 50 = 61600).
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