Is there an episode where the sisters go back in time, and for a spell, it's implied they bought future illegal drugs?

I remember a line like "this would have been illegal back in our time", or something else with the word "illegal" in it.

But looking through transcripts of time travel episodes, I can't find it.

I think they bought it at an apothecary, but searching transcripts for the medieval time travel episodes for "apothecary" doesn't bring any lines that fit what I remember, although I'm not sure I read all the episodes.

And then there's how "apothecary" seems to have been only used in two episodes and neither are used for a medieval potion ingredients shop.


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It could possibly be Witchstock, S06E11. In it, Grams's go-go boots transport Paige to 1967. When Penny (the young Grams) mentions a "magical be-in," Paige connects it to the "Human Be-in" (a real event in 1967 San Francisco) and Timothy Leary and his pro-LSD advocacy. Penny quickly admonishes Paige that there's "no acid allowed" in the house, although they are on a "contact high." Later on, the sisters do discuss making a potion, but not specifically where they will get the ingredients or what they are.

  • Whoops... I see what you mean, but nope, quite sure that's not it. Adding more refinement to the question.
    – Malady
    Oct 12, 2020 at 18:19

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