I remember watching a movie. Where protagonist gets hit by a lightning and gains minor telekinesis. Then he joins group of other super powered individuals. Then he opens a lock with telekinesis.

One of the other super powered dudes super power was stinking.


This sounds like "Three Inches", a TV movie released in 2011 as a pilot for a proposed TV series. From wikipedia:

The show follows a group of people with superhuman abilities, focusing on Walter Spackman, played by Noah Reid, an underachiever who develops a telekinetic ability after being struck by lightning.

The "three inches" of the title refers to the distance he can move objects telekineticlly.

He is recruited to join a team of superheroes, who also have quite underwhelming superpowers. One of them is Carlos, known as "The Human Smell", who can emit a pungent gas through his pores.

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