I think I saw this on PBS somewhere in the late 1980s to the early 1990s. It might have been a segment on a show like 3-2-1 Contact or Electric Company. The core scene sticking in my head involves a pair of reporters, one male and one female. The man thinks that the woman gets all of the exciting reporting jobs. While reporting on a segment along the lines of "how to share your toys", a set of parents seem oddly frightened as he goes upstairs to talk to the children, with their daughter complaining that her brother doesn't play nicely with her toys and sometimes breaks them. As he's interviewing her about that, said brother shows up... and he's a werewolf, who indeed is very rough on his sister's toys. The reporter is thrilled that he's on an exciting case only to have the female reporter show up (I think maybe crashing through a wall to do so?), revealing that she was assigned to a story about the werewolf problem in the city. I think it ends with her trying to wrestle the werewolf down while he looks at the camera with bemused resignation.

Hmm... and as I cast my mind back, now I feel like he, during the segment, made a comment that "she's probably covering a segment about how to play nice with your toys" and it's revealed that she stumbled onto the werewolf segment as a result of it, which would imply that he had gotten the more exciting segment to start with.

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    That doesn't sound like 3-2-1 Contact (which didn't do fiction, apart from The Bloodhound Gang) or The Electric Company, which was solely about reading. However, there were other public TV shows.... – Buzz Oct 23 at 21:35

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