I played the game on PC, but probably not on release. It was definitely before 2010.

The game started with the main character "dying" in a car crash. The character wakes up on an island with people that supposedly died in other events (I vaguely remember one of the NPCs died in 9-11).

The character can explore the map, but when a bell rings, he faints and gets put back in the camp.


This is Next Life.

Adam Raichl is instantly killed in a horrific accident one evening when his SUV suddenly collides with an oncoming truck. But, did he in fact die? Astonished to awaken in the presence of others, Adam quickly realizes that they are all stranded on a large and desolate island. Why does everyone talk about historical events as if they just happened yesterday? Why are mysterious messages hidden all over the island waiting to be discovered? Why does everyone fall asleep when the bell tower rings three times? What Adam first thought was a dream turns into a dark, disturbing reality and a thrilling mystery that Adam must untangle if he ever wants to unlock the secrets of Next Life.

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    Yes! This is it! I tried to Googling for it, but my descriptions kept on leading me to :( ...... probably because of the island description. – Allan Pinkerton Nov 12 '20 at 14:13

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