There's this funny scene in Shazam! (2019) in which Shazam had to go to the bathroom and he couldn't figure out how to get his stuff out of the way. Finally, he had to transform back into his original form to pee.

Is Shazam's suit part of his body? Or can he take it off?

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    If you choose to add it back in again I won't roll it back but I really don't think that paragraph adds anything to the question and is at the very least borderline innapropriate. – TheLethalCarrot Nov 20 '20 at 15:49
  • Are you asking about just the Shazam character from the 2019 movie, or also about Shazam from the comic books as well as Shazam from the TV series? – RichS Nov 23 '20 at 4:40

In Whiz Comics #50 (1944), Shazam (Captain Marvel at that time) undresses to go for a swim:

Shazam takes a dive

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