In Mighty Pups, Ryder isn't in the vicinity of the meteor when it gives off its "energy burst" that grants super powers.

Ryder builds himself a super-powered flying suit instead to "keep up" with the pups. Eventually, the pups lose their abilities.

But later in the series, Ryder figures out how to tap into the meteor to give the pups their super powers at will.

We also know the meteor works on humans, as it grants powers to Harold Humdinger, Ladybird, etc.

So why doesn't Ryder ever grant himself super powers during Mighty Pup missions? Instead, he always continues to use his super suit.

  • There doesn't seem to be any particular guarantee that if he gives himself powers, that flight will be one of them. – Valorum Nov 21 at 16:51
  • I agree. No reason he wouldn't use the suit with his own powers. As you're abilities seem to be at least somewhat based on your natural abilities and personality, I would expect Ryder's powers to be closer to Harold's or Rocky's. – Tronman Nov 21 at 17:27

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