According to Wikipedia, George Lucas banned David Prowse in 2010 from attending official Star Wars fan conventions. He reportedly gave no reason why other than Prowse "burnt too many bridges".

Prowse was on the outs with Lucas well before 2010. A stuntman was chosen for the scene where

Darth Vader throws the Emperor down the elevator shaft.

David Prowse claimed that he, rather than Sebastian Shaw, was supposed to be in the scene where

Luke Skywalker unmasks Darth Vader.

What caused the friction between George Lucas and David Prowse?

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(See "bold" text below for the answer)

Lucasfilm wished to keep the "I am your father" moment under wraps ahead of and upon the sequel’s initial release for obvious reasons.

However, Den of Geek notes that Dave teased the reveal to the press beforehand, saying: "Father can't kill son, son can't kill father, so they live again to star in Star Wars IV."

The information appeared in at least one newspaper and encouraged Lucasfilm to try harder to keep plot details hidden from the press. Although, Dave later claimed that he didn't know about the reveal and that it was simply a lucky guess.

Later, in 1982 and a year prior to the release of Return of the Jedi, a UK newspaper leaked that Darth Vader would die and the book How Star Wars Conquered the Universe highlights that Dave was blamed for the leak.

The previous source adds that this led to Dave being left out of many of the third film's scenes and when the helmet did come off to reveal Vader's true face, it was Sebastian Shaw's face underneath.

Diving deeper into the issue of the leak, Dave recalled that a journalist called him one day to discuss his career as a weightlifter. However, the journalist began to talk about Star Wars at some point. Dave has since spoken about the moment:

"He turned up at my gymnasium that evening and halfway through he says, 'You know you're being killed off in this movie, don't you? And another guy's playing the dying Darth Vader?' I said, "They wouldn't do that – they wouldn't go and unmask somebody else after I've played the part for six years.' He asked if I had a call sheet, and he looked at it and it said: 'Dave Prowse, Darth Vader, Studio 1,' and underneath it 'Sebastian Shaw, Anakin Skywalker, Studio 10'."

Dave remembers that the Daily Mail published a piece headlined "Darth Vader to be killed off in the next movie, in an interview with David Prowse" the next day, saying "and that ruined my association with Star Wars."

He added: "I was ostracized while on the movie, the producer and director wouldn't work with me, and Lucas wouldn't speak to me. I had six weeks of purgatory."

Den of Geek addresses that Dave and George lost touch after the trilogy's production but notes that Dave was blocked from appearing at official Star Wars conventions in 2010 due to his participation in a documentary which took aim at George called The People Versus George Lucas.

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    Prowse's supposed "leak" also incorrectly predicted there was a 4th Star Wars movie coming out. (Well, incorrectly for several decades at least.) And that his character would be in it. (Again, sort of, yeah, but as a 9-year old, so he wouldn't have been playing the role anyhow.) And Vader obviously didn't live to be in the sequels decades after that. So his "leak" was only sort of accurate on 1 count. Definitely more of a guess than a leak. Commented Dec 3, 2020 at 13:59
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