Its about a boy in his teens that lives up on a mountain in Japan. His dad is a scientist and can't go anywhere near the city unless it's necessary. He has a strange ability where if he goes near electricity, it will react to him and somehow stop working, hence why he's in the mountains.

He would get bullied by the people in his class and had no friends. One day when he was out, he and a bunch of people in a hospital (I think), get teleported to another world. Before this his dad was getting shot at (can't remember details here). In this other world electricity doesn't work so he is able to do things freely and somehow has the power to make big monster looking animals be scared of him. That's all I can remember.

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    Is it a "wired world" or a "weird world"?
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The one you're lookin should be Arata Primal

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As per Toro's rather brief answer, this may be Arata Primal

The key to save the world is in the primeval period!? Connecting the present and the past. Burning passion opens up the future!! A primeval survival mystery that passes through time and civilization!!

Indeed, Arata, the protagonist affects technology, and is harassed by his classmates for that reason.

Image of Arata being yelled at by his classmates to go away

There are some more details on the plot here:

Our protagonist, Arata, is an awkward guy unable to make friends, as he’s shunned due to the fact that he affects electronics near him and makes them malfunction unwillingly. The year is 2027 and people have been warned for months that soon there’ll be a blackout caused by a solar flare, and for them to stock up on food and other necessities.

Arata lives alone with is father — who faints at the sight of blood — as his mother died 14 years prior. Due to Arata’s condition, their house is a bit separated from the rest, having nature all around it. In the house, his mother left a laptop with a note saying that a solar flare isn’t the cause of the blackout and to only give the laptop to someone trustworthy. She also left information on extinct animals and plants, which the dad ended up giving to Arata — and he absorbed it like a sponge does water.

The blackout happens, and after a few weeks people have started getting used to it, but because many have been relying on gas in order to make fire, Arata is egged on by his father to go help folks make them — and hopefully make some friends in the process. Unfortunately, his awkwardness only gets him scorn, and worse yet, he’ll run into his dad, now wounded, being chased by a former friend in order to snatch the laptop. But what will happen after they, and everyone close by (as well as the buildings) get transported several thousand years into the past?

Fair warning, the manga ends rather abruptly, apparently as the result of a cancellation.

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