All I really remember was that the girl was very fair with long blonde hair. She wore this pink outfit which was considered unique on her first day of high school. Other girls start copying her style the next day at school.

I can't remember much else other then the message about being yourself and not caring about what other people think.

I think the daughter of the family she was living with got a little jealous of the "alien" girls confidence etc.


The Disney TV move *Stepsister from Planet Weird" (June 17, 2000) has human girl Megan discover that her weird future stepsister Ariel is actually an alien who has taken human form. My memories ar not very vivid but I found evidence it might be the right one.

The synopsis here:

TVTropes Summary

Says that Ariel becomes popular at their school.

And online photos of *Stepsister from Planet Weird" show that one of the two girls has blonde hair and wears a red and pink outfit.

Ariel is quoted as saying:

"Every time I look at this horrid vehicle; the rubbery flesh, the flat face, the ghastly yellow hair that grows out of this hideous skull, I can only think I am grotesque."

Wikipedia Article

So there is a fairly high chance that *Stepsister from Planet Weird" is the answer.

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