I'm looking for the title and author of a story (I think a short story) that I read in the late 1960s or early '70s.

The story was about an ocean planet that has been colonized by space-faring humans. There are no continents, only widely scattered islands. The planet is deficient in metals and far from the main channels of interplanetary commerce. Self-sufficient, the colonists use locally available resources to construct fleets of wooden ships with which they trade between the islands. These ships are powered by "muschines"; non-metallic engines in which huge skeins of in-vitro-grown muscle are harnessed to a crankshaft.

That was the set-up. After a shipwreck, bioengineered muscle cells get loose in the ocean and begin to multiply and evolve. I don't recall how this turned out.

I remembered this story the other day while reading in the newspaper about in-vitro chicken muscle that is being developed to be sold as a meat substitute. Does anyone know the author and title?

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    it's 'in-vitro', btw, but thanks for bringing such an interesting story idea!
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    Personally, I am thankful that you asked the question - as these story-identification questions are a major influx for my reading list. - On the other hand it is interesting that you remembered the word "muschine", but weren't able to identifiy the story of that name with a little help of a search engine. :) Thus I should actually have voted down for lack of research effort, instead of up, as I did.. Commented Dec 11, 2020 at 10:58

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The Muschine by Burt K. Filer 1968

Humans colonize a water world with limited access to metals. In their sea-going ships they use organic machines that are little more than muscles grown around crankshafts.

The story is available online here

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