It seems to be commonplace to find scomp computer socket terminals in space ships in the Star Wars universe — like the Razor Crest — as a way to permit access to computer system and communicate information within astromech droids

Knowing that — and is it mentioned in Canon/Legends — does the Millennium Falcon have scomp terminals?

Still from The Mandalorian - S01E06 - Chapter 6 - The Prisoner


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According to the 2012 (Legends) Millennium Falcon Owner's Manual, the Falcon is replete with scomp interfaces. One in the cockpit and one on each engineering station.

The cockpit console is equipped with a socket for an astromech droid's scomp link, which allows a droid to insert jump coordinates and — if necessary — control the ship. Similar scomp links are also built into the Falcon’s technical and engineering stations.

This is backed up in the 2018 (Canon) Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: A 3-D Owner's Guide


The YT-1300 navigational computer works with the hyperdrive and sensors to calculate jumps through hyperspace. All cockpit consoles are equipped with a socket for an astromech droid’s scomp link, allowing the droid to insert jump autopilot.

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