What was the original purpose the male a'dam was created for?

Also, why does it have two bracelets as opposed to one for the female version?

  • tritely, for the same reason that every a'dam was made - by people who feared that those with power didn't have strong restraints on it. Except, for the Male a'dam, that was probably true!
    – rsegal
    Sep 30, 2012 at 19:00

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The male a'dam also called Domination Bands

were made during the Breaking and allow a woman or two women to control a man who can channel


Prior to the Cleansing of saidin


the Domination Bands were dangerous to use because they did not prevent the man from going mad. They are also imperfect because, given time, he will eventually be able to control the woman as well as she controlling him.

As to why there are 2 bracelets on the male version;

While saidin was tainted


this had extremely dangerous repercussions. Two women in the bracelets reduces this back seepage, but it also makes it harder to control the male channeler.

(from the wot wikia article)

As they were made during the breaking, then that seems to imply that they were made with the purpose of trying to stop or control the mad male Aes Sedai.

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    or to control saidin for specific purposes for which saidar isn't sufficient Sep 30, 2012 at 18:21

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