I watched it once on TV. Not sure if it was a movie, or a TV show/series.

  • Some guy was trying to capture some bad guys (how much I can remember) and his girlfriend or maybe his female police partner (not sure - maybe both), got into a car accident, or was otherwise wounded by those bad guys. She wound up in "hospital", where they turned her into a cyborg! She woke up during the operation and escaped through the hallways to the hospital roof, where it is shown to be night-time and raining. The guy shows up on the rooftop as well, and the two start arguing in the rain, where she says something like "I'm a monster", or "I'm a freak" and shows her robotic hand! It's similar to a scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day - with a robotic arm, half in skin, half machine, robotic fingers wiggling in the rain, with rain drops bouncing off of them.

  • At the end of movie, when they beat those bad guys... they are in an apartment, where the guy sits on a couch, and she sits on his lap like a stripper and begins to "vibrate" - the camera zooms out and shows the building from the street, and there is earthquake like.

  • The girl wasn't blonde... her hair was dark brown or possibly black.

  • They were a younger couple.

  • I think it's from the '90s.

  • It's in color.

  • Language is English.

I can say that it's not:

  • The Demolitionist
  • Robo Chic
  • Steel and Lace
  • Eve Of Destruction
  • The Nemesis series

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It could be Bionic Woman (2007 TV series).

  • You aren't sure whether it was a movie or TV series.
  • The girl isn't blonde, she has dark brown hair.
  • She's nearly killed in a car accident, and is surgically reconstructed with bionic implants by her own boyfriend.
  • There's a scene where she wakes up after the operation and sees that she has a cybernetic arm. She gets mad and starts lashing out.
  • At the end of the episode, there's a fight on a rooftop, at night, in the rain.

Check this

You were mistaken in a previous question about The Secret of the Incas' Empire, where you said it was in English language, and described some scenes which totally don't exist in that movie. So consider that perhaps you don't remember everything so well!

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  • She also unwillingly become cyborg because of car accident. And get mad when discover what she become. Commented Dec 18, 2020 at 17:36
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It's Running Delilah (1993) with Kim Cantrell as the cyborg lady. According to Wikipedia it was released in the U.K. as Cyborg Agent. (In the horrible German translation it is called Cyborg Agent.) Cattrall has dark (black or almost) hair instead of her usual blonde as shown on the poster.

"Running Delilah" poster showing a dark-haired Kim Cattrall as Delilah holding a gun and Billy Zane

The movie blurb reads:

Top agent Delilah dies in a risky mission against weapons dealer Kercharian. She is revived using high-tech medicine and given artificial body parts. She returns as an invincible superwoman and continues her fight against Kercherian, who is currently seeking plutonium from Russia.

Anyway, it's trashy in a way that's it's kinda good at times. But not often. No chemistry between her and Billy Zane doesn't help either.

I found a copyright-infringing (hence not linked) Spanish copy of the movie on YouTube and confirmed that the movie ends with Delilah and Paul having sex and Delilah causing the entire hotel they're in to vibrate, causing chandeliers to shake and windows to break.

  • Running Delilah (1993) -- starring Kim Cattrall and Billy Zane -- was apparently released as Cyborg Agent in some countries. I haven't seen it, but the brief overview of the plot on the Wikipedia page seems fairly consistent with the OP's description. Commented May 17 at 15:06
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