In recent Star Wars films and Extended Universe material, a lot has been made of the dice Han Solo originally had hanging overhead in the Millennium Falcon cockpit. However, the prop had disappeared by The Empire Strikes Back. Is it known what happened to the original dice prop that was used to dress the cockpit set in A New Hope?

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Along with many of the items that were custom-made for the original Star Wars films, they were simply "lost to time" (e.g. more likely just disposed of at the end of filming).

Note that the props themselves were simply cheap wooden (or plastic) dice, spray-painted gold and given a cheap metal chain and had little or no value in themselves, nor was there any speculation that they would be needed in future for sequels.

Many props and costumes from those earliest days of filming have been lost to time, but the first prop was a simple pair of Earth dice painted gold.


We do know that they junked the Falcon's cockpit after filming finished. It's reasonable to assume that the dice went into the same skip.

“In 1977 it wasn’t protocol or typical to save everything from a movie.

"Those were just movies, they made it and then everything went away. George Lucas was making A New Hope with the idea that if it was a success he would have two more films he could make.

"And it was a success, but he did save things from that first film just in case his gambit worked out which it did. Really, we’re very lucky he saved what he did from those films.

"But back then not everything was saved because they were thinking about the next film production; they weren’t thinking about making an archive 40 years later.

“We don’t have an original X-wing from the first film. We don’t have the original Millennium Falcon, they didn’t build the whole thing but it would be great to have the original cockpit.”

Laela French: director of archives at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts - "Star Wars props worth millions DESTROYED - by George Lucas and his own crew"

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