In the early 2000s I read a good sci-fi fantasy book about two binary planets that shared the same atmosphere at one point. The inhabitants used hot air balloons/gondolas to travel from one planet to the other.

What was the book called?

I've been searching on google for hours with no luck. However I can say its not the Flight of the Dragonfly/Rocheworld book series. Additionally, I suspect this book was used as inspiration for Lexx, season 3 "Fire and Water."


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This would probably be one of the books in the Land and Overland series by Bob Shaw: The Ragged Astronauts (1986), The Wooden Spaceships (1988), and The Fugitive Worlds (1989). The first book is probably the most likely.

From Wikipedia's description of The Ragged Astronauts:

Land is a strictly feudal society that undergoes a peak energy crisis (the trees that provide energy and hard materials are scarce), and is undergoing a process of cultural decay. Much of the human population of Land travels to Overland via hot-air balloon to escape airborne creatures called the Ptertha.

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