I’m looking for title of an animated series with very short episodes about a vampire who had extra long teeth down to his ankles.

He lived alone in a castle and would always be unsuccessful at hunting, like inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther cartoons; he would always bumble things. There was no dialogue, and it might be a European show that was.

I thought it was called Victor, but I can’t find any info.

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Ernest the Vampire (1988)?

From Wikipedia, translated from French:

Ernest Le Vampire is a French animated television series in 117 episodes of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. [...]

Ernest is a clumsy but creative vampire. All sorts of misadventures happen to him in his castle. He lives in the company of a dragon, a bat, mice and other visitors ...

Note his chest-length teeth:

Found with the Google query dessin animé vampire canines chevilles (cartoon vampire canines ankles) which brought up this list of vampire cartoons.


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