I am searching for an anime/cartoon that is like Pokemon, but they use watches instead of Pokeballs.

The protagonist is red-haired and has a "Pokemon" that looks like a Fire Geodude, and has two friends; a girl with brown hair and a boy with blue hair. He has a third friend that always "fights" him.

Please help; I watched it around 2012, and can confirm that it isn't Yo-kai Watch.

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Could it be Spider Riders as per Cartoon - boy traps monsters into balls on a magical bracelet?

The protagonist of this series is a boy who finds his way into a hollow earth type secret world. A mysterious bracelet called a "Manacle" attaches itself to his wrist:

Image of Hunter wearing his "Manacle"

For those who are able to use them, these Manacles allow a person to summon and control a "Battle Spider":

The character list includes multiple companions including a brown-haired girl and a blue-haired boy.

Image for season 1

One confounding factor is that their summoned creatures look distinctly spider-like, not like a fiery Geodude.

Image of Hunter beside his spider

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