Are there any Jedi who are musicians in the Star Wars universe? Is playing an instrument considered acceptable within the Jedi order/lifestyle?

Canon or Legends acceptable.

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    Obi Wan could sing like a Krayt Dragon - does that count? Also, we do know that music appreciation is acceptable within the Jedi order (Anakin attends a concert in Ep.III - granted it was at Palpatine's invitation, but nobody knew he was a Sith at the time so they were probably fine with it), so it doesn't seem unreasonable they'd be able to play music as well. Jan 4, 2021 at 16:50

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Padawan Cal Kestis plays the Seven-stringed hallikset in the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It apparently belongs to another former Jedi Knight, Cere Junda.

In the Jedi Academy series of books (and graphic novel) we encounter Tionne Solusar, one of Luke's pupils. She plays a wide variety of instruments.

enter image description here
Star Wars: Encyclopedia

enter image description here
Jedi Academy: Leviathan, Part I

Ulaha Kore also plays and composes music in the same series of books and comics.

Ulaha Kore said lightly. Ulaha was a delicate young Bith, with musical talents that admitted her to any number of intelligence-rich social occasions. Ulaha looked careworn, her posture so slumped that Mara barely could see her large eyes under her protruding, hairless head.

The New Jedi Order: Balance Point

And in Specter of the Past we learn that Valin Horn plays the Chordokeylo.

“Don’t disturb him,” Karrde said. “Perhaps we’ll have time later. Is he still keeping up with his music?”

“Like a mynock with his tail on fire,” Booster said wryly. “I just bought him a new chordokeylo-he’d already worn out his first one.

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