Like Yamask, James' Best Wishes-era Pokémon; Pumpkaboo, Jessie's XY-era Pokémon; Mareanie, James' Sun and Moon-era Pokémon; and the other Pokémon which Team Rocket uses only to attack Ash and his friends.

I know that in Sun and Moon they left Mareanie behind, but what about their other Pokémon they use to attack Ash with?

I’m not asking about all the Pokémon Team Rocket catch, I’m only asking about the Pokémon Team Rocket use to attack Ash with.

  • How are you drawing the distinction between "the Pokémon Team Rocket catch" and "the Pokémon Team Rocket use to attack Ash"? Given that attacking Ash takes up 90% of their screentime, you'd expect that every Pokémon they catch will end up being used against him eventually, regardless of why it was originally caught.
    – F1Krazy
    Jan 5, 2021 at 21:21
  • I'm assuming they spend at least some time making Magikarp fritters over an open Charizard tail.
    – Valorum
    Jan 5, 2021 at 23:31

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  • Lickitung was accidentally traded away for Wobboffet.
  • Victreebel was intentionally traded away for a Weepinbell.
  • Arbok (nee Ekans) and Weezing (nee Koffing) were released to lead groups of Ekans and Koffing.
  • Chimecho was left with James's grandparents.
  • Cacnea was given to Gardenia to train.
  • Dustox was released to be with other Dustox and its mate.
  • Seviper, Yanmega, Mime Jr., Carnivine, Gourgeist (nee Pumpkaboo), and Inkay were all left at Team Rocket Headquarters at times prior to going to a region where they'd attract attention (Bulbapedia doesn't cite episodes for these).
  • Woobat, Frillish, Yamask, and Amoongus were all given to Giovanni as their only progress in Unova.
  • Mimikyu and Mareanie were left with Bewear in Alola when Jessie and James were headed back to Kanto.

Over the years, Jessie and James have also fought using various Pokémon for very brief stints for a multitude of reasons. There are simply too many to list here, but Bulbapedia has a comprehensive list.

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