In Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi, we see our heroes escape "a new definition of pain and suffering, [being] digested over a thousand years" inside a sarlacc, and in general from imprisonment by Jabba the Hutt. They sail away on a desert skiff, with the Khetanna, Jabba's sail barge, exploding in the background.

In the series The Mandalorian, we learn that

Boba Fett and Bib Fortuna


Were there any other survivors? (Besides our heroes, of course).

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    I think to remember another human bounty hunter named Dengar who actually saved Boba Fett from the sarlaccs maw. Though i'm not entirely sure if he was onboard the Khetanna from the beginning of the mission I will try to find a proper source.
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In canon

Besides the Rebels and the characters mentioned in the question,

Boba Fett and Bib Fortuna, whose methods of escape haven't been shown in canon yet:

According to the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, New Edition, the members of the Max Rebo Band—Max Rebo, Sy Snootles, and Droopy McCool—are known to have been on the sail barge and survived, breaking up after Jabba's death:

After Jabba's death, the band breaks up.


Max Rebo's band accompanies Jabba's entourage on the Hutt's Sail Barge.

page 134, Max Rebo

In The Legends of Luke Skywalker, a mole-flea named Lugubrious Mote claims to have been present as well, surviving by riding on Luke's head:

Image of Lugubrious Mote, from The Legends of Luke Skywalker: The Manga

Her story in the collection is fairly outlandish and is likely intended to be a tall tale, but, notably, includes many details of the battle that would have been hard to learn in-universe without being there.

The only other character known to be present at the destruction of the Khetanna who isn't known to have been killed, or eaten by the Sarlacc, was Saelt-Marae, one of Jabba's goons, popularly known as "Yak Face" out-of-universe.

Production photo of Saelt-Marae from Return of the Jedi

However, he hasn't appeared in any sources since, so it's entirely possible that he was killed as well.

In Legends

Several of the same and other characters are known to have survived in Legends, besides the Rebels:

  • Saelt-Marae: faked his death, went into hiding
  • Hermi Odle: escaped the explosion, stole one of Jabba's ships
  • Tessek: escaped on a speeder bike, got turned into a B'omarr monk
  • Bib Fortuna: escaped on a skiff, got turned into a B'omarr monk
  • The Max Rebo Band: jumped off of the barge, went their separate ways
  • Boba Fett: fell into Sarlacc pit, escaped, nursed back to health by Dengar
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    Why are Boba and Bib listed as Legends, when as the OP states, they are alive in canon.
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    @Skooba Legends doesn't include the events of The Mandalorian, and neither character is shown to survive in the film, so I thought it was worth mentioning.
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  • But you have two categories listed "canon" and "legends" if they are worth mentioning as part of a complete answer, surely they belong in the "canon" category, not legends?
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    @Skooba The Legends section specifically describes what happens to them in Legends. The OP describes what happens to them in canon, which is a different series of events. I've updated my answer to avoid confusion.
    – Milo P
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