I remember watching it in the early 2010s. From what I remember, the protagonist was very energetic and had spiky hair, probably red, and also a sword nail. He was welcomed by a family, as if he were an exchange student.

He used cards and I remember that in the movie he summoned a dragon with them or something like that. On the cards, there was no dueling system, he just took the card and summoned a monster.

As I recall, at the end of the film he ends up becoming king of the prom or whatever.

I also remember that there was a commercial on Cartoon Network in which he appeared wearing a suit and a crown.

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    Welcome to the site. Do you remember roughly when you watched this? And can you recall any additional details, like any other characters involved in the story? – LogicDictates Jan 12 at 7:32
  • Were the cards used in dueling (and dealt on a portable "table" surface the characters wore on a forearm)? – Zeiss Ikon Jan 12 at 12:08

I found it, the name is: Exchange Student Zero. I messed up a lot of things in my memory but I found it.

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