I have searched over and over trying to find this, so now finally posting the question to see if anyone else has a clue about this. My details are vague, but here goes. I remember watching a cartoon in the 80s about big robots. I do not believe it was Voltron and I know it is not Transformers or GoBots. I believe that people were in the robots. It could have been Mazinger, Robotech, Gundam, maybe?

I am thinking about one episode in particular. The good robot/robots/mechas had to protect a city that was under attack by TWO villain monsters. One was a typical walking robot and it had wings, sort of spherical, which I believe were red, and it closed itself up in those wings, using them as a shield which the good robot could not penetrate. My naming of them as wings could be wrong, I just know it would close up like a clamshell to protect itself from blasts.

The other monster robot was (again, I think...I was very young) a white robot, a scorpion I think. I remember the good guys thinking the city was lost, as they could not stop the winged/shielded robot that was attacking the city. Then they realized/figured out that the real thing they needed to destroy was the white scorpion robot. That is all I can remember.

I do remember there being a very anime art to it, with dark cannon blasts, damage, etc. Think Voltron.

Hoping anyone out there has an idea, I realize it is not much to go on.


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    Were the good-guys robots formed of three plane like vehicles joined together? – SpacePhoenix Jan 22 at 7:15
  • @SpacePhoenix, thanks, honestly I am not sure. Funny thing, how our memories work. All I can remember are the 'bad' guys. What one are you thinking of? Maybe it will be a good lead. – voltronforce2319 Jan 22 at 18:01
  • Certainly sounds like some classic Go Nagai stuff. – David Tonhofer Jan 22 at 23:58
  • Thank you both, I am looking for episodes to go through these as well. Tough to find though. – voltronforce2319 Jan 26 at 0:25

Since old mecha animes episodes were set on a monster-of-the-day schedule, it is very difficut to find one, based only on the description of a single monster.

Because of the description, I think that Robotech and Gundam could be excluded (usually the enemies were mechanical and humanoid in shape).

A possibility, according to your description of the monsters could be Grendizer (also know as Goldorak in France and Goldrake in Italy). Usually the monsters were based on a flying saucer form (as the ship of the protagonist), and it was quite common to see a monster using the two halves of its flying saucer as a kind of wing/shield.

This is the titular robot enter image description here

Here there is a description of all the enemies of the series (no images unluckily), in case it rings a bell


I've found a promising title, Combattler V (disclaimer: it is one of the few mecha series I remember nothing about).
However, among the monsters listed in this link, I've noticed the following duo that seems to (partially) match your memories (One robot controlled by the other one, which from the description should be similar to a scorpion)

Imitation Combattler V: This robotic monster appears in episode 17. Its powers include burrowing, orange eye lasers, rock fighter, and a rope ladder from the stomach. This robot was controlled by Slave Monster #512.
Zangyaru: This robotic monster appears in episode 17. Its powers include imitation Combattler V disguise, six pincer claw arms, pink lasers from eyes on torso, extend-able electric tentacles from the back, and a flamethrower from the mouth on the torso.

For the last one, there is a tiny image at this link (in Italian), even if it seems to be reddish rather than white.

As a second chance, you could also try the other two anime series of the Robot Romace Trilogy: Voltes V and General Daimos

  • Thank you, now I am trying to find episodes so I can go through them one by one. And yes, it is difficult to identify based on one episode...that is why I finally posted here. I have been looking, searching for months with no answer. No real reason other than I have this stuck in my head from my childhood and cannot figure it out, haha. it is amazing to me how much you all know. There were apparently a LOT of mecha shows! – voltronforce2319 Jan 26 at 0:24
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    Okay, so I went on a blitz and watched every episode of Starvengers, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer. Sadly, still cannot find it. It is such an odd thing, as this one particular episode has stuck in my head so vividly for decades, so I know I will recognize it once I see it. Finding that there were just SO MANY mecha shows, it is quite daunting. I am going to go through all of Macron-1 (GoShogun) and see if that yields anything. After that, I might have to go through Voltron, Macrosse/Robotech, Gundam. I remember one show that had a robot come up out of a tennis court too.... – voltronforce2319 Jan 28 at 19:18
  • @voltronforce2319 Unluckily for you, there are REALLY a lot of mecha animes (in Europe they were very popular when I was a kid), to the point that I could list you a pair of dozens of names... If you're from the US, probably you could try first with Voltron, Tekkaman The Space Knight, Battle of the Planets/G-force (no mechas, but often the enemy of the day was some huge monster deployed by the foes) – McTroopers Jan 28 at 21:01
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    Okay, so I have now watched Macron-1, Saber Rider, Gigantor, Battle of the Planets/G-Force, all of Robotech, along with all the other ones I have mentioned. Still have not found it. As you can see, I have been really trying to figure this out...anyone have any other suggestions? – voltronforce2319 Feb 5 at 22:05
  • Scratching the bottom of the barrel... – McTroopers Feb 5 at 22:28

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