It didn't take me long to learn Aurebesh; I can read at a very slow but steady pace. But I find it surprising that there are no sources of texts written in the script! I searched extensively, but I get swamped with decoders and small samples. The best results are screenshots of The Mandalorian or other shows. That is not enough to practice fluent reading.

Are there any short stories or other extended texts, rendered in aurebesh?

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    If you have an e-reader that supports font ligatures you can make every book you read written in aurebesh by installing the font – fez Jan 22 at 7:41

There are no authorised texts written entirely in Aurabesh.

That being said, Aurabesh is merely a substitution cipher (e.g. the text is actually in English, just with different characters representing the alphabet, numbers and some punctuation), so you can simply download one of the many Aurabesh fonts that are available on the internet, tell your e-reader to use that font and now every book you own is in Aurabesh.

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