It may be a discontinued one but I remember that the former hero was a woman (gender bender & yet not; she was dressed as a male and was a holy knight), at the start upon defeating the demon lord has cursed him to reincarnate into a noble lady...

Upon the mc awakening she found that the ex-host was in a coma and also witnessed her own funeral (ex-body) and that her new body's mother-in-law was planning to marry her away and that she was probably in cahoots with the demon lord (caused the ex-host to fall into a coma as a sacrifice).

Then she proposed a knight captain a deal in order to escape this marriage and deal with her mother-in-law. She was probably a duke's daughter.

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This Girl is a Little Wild (2018) seems consistent with what you've described.

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As he was being defeated, the Demon King used the last of his strength to curse Sir Roel, the legendary captain of the Holy Knights, into the body of a weak girl.

Roel — who was a woman to begin with! — tired of her former life and unable to return to her original body, decides to live a luxurious life as Sila Epheria, the noble daughter whose soul got swapped with hers.

Things don't go according to plan when her new family puts her in danger, forcing her to find a way to prove her true identity... Will Roel/Sila be able to live a quiet life as she wishes? Or is there something more to the new life she's received?

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