I remember seeing the uncut episode of "Whom Gods Destroy" (TOS, Episode 3x16) in the 1970's which included a scene with Kirk, Spock and Scotty discussing the security question involving chess move "queen to queen level 3", at the very beginning of this episode on the Enterprise! Since then, I have never seen it again. Now, the episode starts with Kirk and Spock beaming down to the planet Elba II while Kirk is speaking his Stardate explanation of the episode.

Does anyone remember this scene, and what happened to it? It is neither on any official DVD set, original, or remastered!

  • Yeah. The scene existed. Without it, the security question later seems to come from nowhere. I'd have to dig out my DVDs and find it to see if it's there or not. – JRE Jan 25 at 17:08
  • The transcript at Chakoteya might be helpful for tracking this down. It does include a conversation between Kirk and Scotty. However, I've not really watched any Star Trek to know if this is what you're referring to and it does happen a bit after the intro. – TheLethalCarrot Jan 25 at 17:19
  • @TheLethalCarrot: The transcript is also missing the scene. It took place on the Enterprise before Kirk beamed down. The transcript starts on the planet. – JRE Jan 25 at 17:22
  • @JRE Ah okay, I was wondering if it might have been a misremembering of the scene starting with Scotty saying "Scott here, sir". – TheLethalCarrot Jan 25 at 17:23
  • 4
    Mandela effect aside - there is a certain logic to the audience being as in the dark as Garth was for the proper response. – lucasbachmann Jan 25 at 20:24

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